Best Remote Desktop Access Tools

Remote desktop access has today become one of the most used software. There is hardly anyone who does not know about this process. And it has enough reasons to gain so much fame in such a short span of time.

Remote desktop access lets you connect to another system, which is not physically present in front of you. The system which needs to be connected to is called the target, while the PC which is making an effort to connect is the host system.

This connection happens only when the login credentials of both host and target computers match. Now with all the remote desktop software around, you might be confused about which one to choose.

Keep reading as I’m going to talk about the top remote desktop access software today!

  1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer has become a household name when it comes to remote desktop access. This free tool has an easy user interface and lots of interesting features which anybody can install. In fact, it does not require any additional specifications to operate it on your system.

TeamViewer now even supports chat, voice calls, video calls etc. to serve the users with perfection. Additionally, you can transfer files with ease, you can watch mobile screens and can also reboot the system from a distant place. TeamViewer is supported by all windows, MAC and Linux operating systems, as well as on Android, windows and iOS phones.

TeamViewer also has a professional version for business use which comes with tons of new features. But this one is the paid version. For personal use, you can use the free version.

  1. AeroAdmin

AeroAdmin is the easiest remote desktop access software one can have. There are hardly any configuration settings and even beginners can use it with comfort. Another nice thing about this software is, it is completely free. That means, unlike TeamViewer, both business and professional versions of AeroAdmin are free. This naturally makes AeroAdmin a hit among the users. Some of its best features include accessing remote files and documents, connection to remote desktops instantly and so on. The best implication of AeroAdmin is in the fields of online teaching, online meetings, collaborations, monitoring the functions of employees and what not!

AeroAdmin is supported in all Windows 7,8 and 10 versions.

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop

Best Remote Desktop Access Tools

Chrome Remote Desktop is more like a Google Chrome extension, which helps in remote desktop access. To make it work, you’ll have to download this extension first, and then login to the portal the way you loginto your Google+ profile.

To reach the remote PC, you need to create a PIN yourself. Both host and target PCs are required to download the same extension from Chrome. Else the system would fail. Though this one is easy to use and free, it is quite outdated compared to its other competitors. The features of Chrome Remote Desktop extension are not advanced enough. One good thing is, it works on all windows, MAC and Linux mediums.

Here I’ve mentioned only 3 top remote desktop access tools. There are many more, and to know about them and to know in a more detailed way about AeroAdmin.

Becky Garrett