A special day that makes all special

The freedom of land is always important for the citizens. It is not just to help the development but also about the dignity and self-respect for the land as well as freedom of doing the things as per the will of the land and citizens. Independence Day is observed on 15th August every year. It is time to commemorate those who struggled and laid their lives to set free India from the shackles of slavery of British rule. The freedom struggle Indians fought against the British was very hard and the Independence Day provides an opportunity to take the oath and to safeguard integrity and harmony of your nation.

  • Every man is gifted with four endowments like conscience, self-awareness, creative imagination, and independent will. These faculties give us significant human freedom as to alter, to react, and power to decide. For building astrong nation, all these ultimate qualities need to be applied in right manner. Your country needs all these things.
  • Independence in true sense can exist along with freedom only in performing what is right for the nation.
  • When you think together independently, it is theart of diversity.
  • The four I’s are the cornerstones on the pillars on which the construction of the nationwas based. Theyare independence, individuality, imagination, and initiative.
  • The true meaning of freedom is to act in accordance with the ability of your true character; you be self-determined, be altogether yourself, and not be influenced by outside compulsion.
  • It is theheight of injustice that brings about independence in the end.
  • Uniqueness is freedom and not rebellion; it is honesty and not hatred.
  • Hearts of all people swell with pride to notice the colours of freedom scattering joy and jubilation in the atmosphere. It is a wish that the glory of freedom belong-lived and forever.
  • Enjoy the liberated spirit of India and make a wish that this Independence Day fills your life with affluence and glee, to you happy freedom day.
  • Let your heart feel the pride of being a part of the vast and glorious nation; you are here sent many warm patriotic wishes so that you remember this day in the true sense of the word.
  • You belong to India that is anation of pride. Enjoy this day with great joy.
  • You must feel proud to be born in this land and have a jubilant day.
  • Indians have alife full of colours and hope that this day of freedom will definitely put in many more colours in your life. Be happy on this day.
  • Very happy day of independence to all of you; freedom resides in mind; have faith in words; feel proud in your soul; salute your nation on this big day.
  • Thousands of people sacrificed their lives in order to make posterity enjoy this day; don’t forget those people and have lovely Independence Day.

A special day that makes all special

It is time to take adecision and add value to your nation and not to turn a blind eye to the sacrifices that brought about this day. Enjoy the freedom.

source: https://fogut.com/independence-day-messages/

Becky Garrett